Voting time.

[email protected] has been pestering @kemonine for a bit with follow requests.

Looking over the profile... looks like they follow 2.36k accounts, have 15.8k followers and only 470 toots.

Any problems with an instance wide suspension/silence?

c/ @PinkCathodeCat @LensaMoon

@PinkCathodeCat @kemonine @Ambassador i usually just block em if i feel like its harrasment.... especially if ive told them to stop, in this case, asking to follow. id say do it. silence the instance for how long it needs and then unsilence them to see if they continue.

rince and repeat if it keeps happening.

@LensaMoon @kemonine @PinkCathodeCat I was going to localize to the single account. tends to have decent users and I'd prefer not silence the whole instance if possible.

This one account on the other hand... I wouldn't mind saving all our users the hassle of blocks/silence.

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