If you can see this and run a follow bot.

I hope you're excluding this domain...

@LensaMoon It wasn't until about 5 minutes ago 😉

There's an option in the admin interface for copying emojii's


We are a very small :cabin: in the woods for those riding out the noise of the federverse.

Sometimes it's best to kick back, relax and take some time off the main timelines.

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@LensaMoon @kemonine @PinkCathodeCat I was going to localize to the single account.

Masto.jp tends to have decent users and I'd prefer not silence the whole instance if possible.

This one account on the other hand... I wouldn't mind saving all our users the hassle of blocks/silence.

If an account is locked and a user denies your follow request(s)...


They said NO, back down and move on.

Be kind, polite and realize that some people have accounts that are tightly controlled when it comes to followers and interactions.


Not everyone wants a large footprint on 'the socials'.

Respect that fact. Don't pester people with follow requests.

Voting time.

[email protected] has been pestering @kemonine for a bit with follow requests.

Looking over the profile... looks like they follow 2.36k accounts, have 15.8k followers and only 470 toots.

Any problems with an instance wide suspension/silence?

c/ @PinkCathodeCat @LensaMoon

I forgot to mention that plural.cafe is run by @KT! Doesn't matter, now I can awoo once more! AWOOOo!

Another one! Hartelijk welkom to the the friends from todon.nl! They're a left-leaning instance that seems to be based in the Netherlands!
Their admin is, simply enough @admin. Awoo!

Also now federating with us is plural.cafe, an instance for plural systems and plural-friendly people! Let's greet them also with an AWOOOOooO! :janiawoo:

I'm happy to announce that we're now connected to the sleepy citizens of sleeping.town, which is a glitchsoc instance run by @unascribed! *awoos silently so they don't wake anyone*

I do exist and read the local time line.

If you need anything, please reach out.

I'm here to help.

@varx @PinkCathodeCat Yeah, usually it does better but with the 2.x updates... seems a little trickier sometimes.

Unfortunately once that config option is 'on' there is no going back without breaking federation between instances.

@PinkCathodeCat @varx We setup the domain to serve mastodon's UI via mastodon.thequietplace.social while also reporting users at the main thequietplace.social domain. It's a standard config option for Mastodon but it's uncommonly deployed. See github.com/tootsuite/documenta for some extra detail.

One thing I've noticed is that mobile clients tend show one or both domains as a valid account for a single user. In order for the notification to pop our 'official' accounts are [email protected]

We were approved by awoo.space today 😁

Next up!!!!! mastodon.thequietplace.social! Their admin is the neat person who started the #OneDollarPatreon and used to run compassion.online - you know, @kemonine! AWOOO

This is a great breakdown of what it's like to be an admin


h/t @hollyjahangiri for bringing the article to my attention

The compassion.online 'The List' has been updated to include baraag.net where loli and graphic violence depictions are expressly allowed.

We've followed the published guidance and have setup remote media rejection for the instance. We have NOT silenced the instance, simply rejected media.

Further reading: compassion.online/2017-11-26-u

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