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A quick and friendly heads up Show more

What do you think of the following when it comes to FF Show more

I may be quiet but I regularly read the Local Timeline and check my e-mail.

I'm here for you guys if anything pops up.

Don't hesitate to report bad users/instances.

Don't hesitate to ask questions.

The custom emoji's have been updated, enjoy! Show more

@bea Any chance you can respond to this toot with the trans heart emoji? I'd like to copy it to this instance

@Ambassador @kemonine @zigg @PinkCathodeCat yea that makes sense.

my response to the last toot was me just saying that i like FF a lot. but that it also makes sense to not having for this particular instance.

im all for noFF for cabin in the woods.

It's Friday, the time of Follows.

Should we have a policy against @ ing users accounts here?

c/ @PinkCathodeCat @zigg @LensaMoon @kemonine

Anyone have thoughts on ''?

Where the people go and play, the louder version of the cabin in the woods.

Instances are a necessary part of federation, but it's a technical detail that most users really shouldn't have to care about. If we want decentralized systems to survive, we have to learn to make them as user-friendly as the centralized systems.

May I suggest that every instance administrator suspends the Instance ?

Yes, it is exactly what you can guess from the domain name.

hey if you don't want your toots to stick around forever you can use this tool to have them cleaned up after a while:

it's by @codl who is wonderful <3


If you have an account here and go to set it up in an app use '' for the instance URL.

Our accounts are [email protected] but the instance lives at which is what apps and 3rd party services will need for a URL.

I'm aware the Announce account on the instance isn't setup yet.

That is my next major task.

We now have a cabin emojii and have imported the cyduck from


:cabin: :psyduck:


  • A quiet place in the woods.
  • You're home away from home.
  • A quiet, safe space.
  • A great place to maintain a minimal social network presence.
  • doesn't monetize or profit off of your personal information.
  • Hosted via and the blog/website hosted in the EU.
  • Export and leave anytime.
  • Zero tolerance for harrassment or bullying, if you do this your account will be deleted.
  • All content is ⓒ each user and cannot be distributed or used without prior permission by the respective user.
  • By using this site you understand that it is not a backup or permanent repository for your information, statuses or media — additionally, your media was downsized on original upload and is not exportable at this time upon transferring to new instance.
  • You may support the community by boosting and positively interacting with everyone.
  • No Porn.
  • No Loli.
  • No Bots w/o Approval.
  • Respect Others.