[diety of choice here]


A good human is having a rough go

Light those candles, pray to the deities and SEND GOOD VIBES

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The 🍭☁️has gone international thanks to @jmf , @kemonine and @gled

Pictured is our beta lollipop with a Quectel modem in a USB enclosure sitting in the corner of a hotel room in Costa Rica.

The carrier is Kolbi. Pay as you go.
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With the current wave of new users our fears of closing registrations with a human note are definitely squashed.

we've been receiving lots of invite requests and ♥ it.

thank you to everyone who has reached out. it means a lot seeing you here.

to those looking for an account: email or @ us. registration is open, all you have to do is ask.

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Anyone out there created a font awesome or fork awesome icon?

It'd be 😍 if we had icons for Gitea, Matrix and Gogs 😉

I have a wonderful mentor.

They teach me much, slap me down when deserved and force me to think and re-evaluate on a regular basis.

I have no clue how I managed such a great human for mentorship but I'll take the win and continue to learn, grow and adapt.

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Seems the drama llama train is doing very well lately

Jackasses abound 😢

I think it mostly kinda maybe works?


Going to be a rough few days I think

I made progress with something but its not quite done.

for those in the know please don't leak things

@[email protected] @kemonine is my new account i'm testing

Can you confirm if you got a DM from over there?

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Little survey of what's missing in pleroma for mastodon.host users:
- Ability for a user to block/mute other users/instances.
- Ability to filter the langs on the TL.

It seems to be just that, is there anything else I forgot ?

I'll be making a decision shortly.

Let's see where the subconscious takes me today.

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@maloki yet another victim of the 'benevolent' dictator.

We've all experienced that as former contributors on Mastodon ( or trying to be contributors ), sorry to read that happened to you.

Now that nobody's left in the org to keep an eye on the kid, it's up to us as a community to try to continue ( strangely I foresee a few migrations instead of that happening ).

Good luck Maloki, and let me know if I can be of any help !

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reaching skyward

[dramatic black and white photograph of a hill of old dirt, grown over with weeds; one scrubby branch reaches up towards a deep sky with lush clouds]

#mobigraphy #photography #mastoart #1x1

every been just the right weight to be between two holes in your belt?

very annoying

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Voting time.

[email protected] has been pestering @kemonine for a bit with follow requests.

Looking over the profile... looks like they follow 2.36k accounts, have 15.8k followers and only 470 toots.

Any problems with an instance wide suspension/silence?

c/ @PinkCathodeCat @LensaMoon

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